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Many companies claim to make Food-Grade bags, but what they actually mean is that they are making bags out of Food-Grade material (at least it starts as Food-Grade). Where do they make them, Who make them & How? In our extremely clean temperature & humidity controlled facility, we not only use food grade machinery & oils, but wear hair nets, gloves & white uniforms- which never see the light of day.  

A.Y.S. uses Food-Grade material AND manufactures in a Food-Grade facility, which adheres to the strictest codes of food handling & sanitization possible. Thus, buying from A.Y.S. ensures that both you & your customer get the best possible bags for your product.

That's the way it should be with Food. As always, we have your best interests at heart.

We look forward to being....

at your service

A.Y.S. produces a high quality, clean, contaminate-free, true Food Grade Bag
manufactured under strict Food Industry standards, in the cleanest possible Food-Grade facility.

* Our last TWO FDA /TDA scores have been Perfect 100s! In a row! We know Food Hygiene!


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